Blog Posts – Overview

Blog Posts add depth and personality to your website, as well as make it easier for search engines to find your content. Share posts in social media to create “top of mind awareness” to build a fanbase of local car-buyers.

Three Ways to Blog
No matter what you have to say, or how you want to say it, SalesRater’s blogging system has you covered.

  • Photo – Use one or more photos and text to spread news about most anything.
  • Video – Use uploaded video, video from your mobile device and even YouTube videos.
  • Content Library – Choose from many “ready to publish” news articles, memes and stories to build social awareness, without writing a single word.

Blogging for Non-Bloggers
Not inspired to write original content? Failed English Lit. in high school? No problem! SalesRater makes blogging easy, even for those who do not wish to create their own content. The SalesRater Content Library is filled with lots of “ready to publish” news articles, events, brand-specific announcements, industry news, and even local community events. And, the content library is updated daily, making it easy to find “ready to share” articles you can publish to your website, and share in social media in only four clicks (No kidding….) Fill your website with content people want to read while driving traffic from your social media pages.

Easy, Step-By-Step Instructions
SalesRater makes blogging easier than ever before. All you need is a topic, along with a photo or video. SalesRater steps you through building a blog post one item at a time, as well as making your posts easy to share in social media the second they are published.

Be Seen as a Social Media Guru
By sharing your blog posts in social media you create “top of mind awareness”, making it easy for local car buyers to remember you when they or someone they know is thinking about buying a vehicle. Each article you share in social media is linked directly to the article in your blog. When someone clicks on one of your social posts, they are transported to the article inside your website, where they can also access your referral program, vehicle inventory, view your customer reviews, and so much more. Think about it… If you were buying a car, wouldn’t you want to buy from someone who is knowledgeable about the brand you have in-mind?

Get Found in Google, Bing. and Yahoo
Search engines love content, especially brand-specific content. Your blog is not only great for your potential website visitors, it’s also great for creating “search engine optimization”. When it comes to content, more is better!

Daily “Ready to Publish” News Articles in Your Inbox
Each weekday, SalesRater’s team of social media coaches will prepare an email with the the latest “ready to publish” news articles. All you have to do is click the articles that interest you most and then share them in social media. You won’t find an easier, more simple way to create top of mind awareness in social media than with SalesRater’s daily content emails.

See More Button
Send users to content that lives off-site using the “See More” button. Simply paste a URL in the box and give visitor’s access to additional/related content.

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