My Profile – Overview

Your SalesRater profile is where everything is stored that appears in your website, social media posts, and all communications. You manage your profile inside your mobile toolkit by clicking the “My Profile” icon.

Completing your profile requires a little time and effort. A complete profile will ensure that everything a customer sees is branded perfectly to you.

Use the instructions below to build a powerful profile that sets you apart from your competition!

Pro Tip: Have a friend help you capture photos, or use a tripod along with the timer setting on your mobile device’s camera. SalesRater recommends using an Apple iPhone 7, 7+ or iPhone X for image capture, due to iPhone’s “Square” and “Portrait” image capture options.

  1. Personal Slideshow Images – Qty: 6+
    Your personal image slideshow is where you get to showcase the things that interest and matter most to you. Use photos of family, wedding, pets, hunting, fishing, water-sports, hobbies, crafts, vehicles, and anything else that will help people identify with you.
    Instructions: Locate or capture at least 6 photos of things that interest you most. Remember, more is better!
  2. Profile Photo – Qty: 1
    Having a great profile photo lets people know you’re a professional. Your profile photo appears in most everything you do with SalesRater.
    Pro Tip: If using iPhone, use the “Square” image option.
    Find a well-lit location, preferably in-front of a solid-colored wall. Make sure to position your face in the very center of the photo.
  3. Website Homepage Slider Images
    Your website slider images are the first thing people see when visiting your SalesRater website. They are the introduction to potential prospects, and help guide visitors to specific areas within your website. Each slide contains a message and two calls to action buttons. It’s important that each photo correspond with its intended purpose. It’s important that you position yourself on the far right of all homepage slider images to avoid being blocked by the call to action buttons.
    Pro Tip: If using iPhone, use the “Portrait” image option for a blurred background.

    • Slide 1 links to your About Me and Contact Me pages. Capture a photo standing in-front of your dealership. Preferably, where signage can be seen behind you.
    • Slide 2 links to your photo and video customer reviews. If you don’t yet have a photo with you and a customer, simply leave the stock image in-place until you capture one.
    • Slide 3 links to your vehicle inventory. Capture a photo standing in-front of a large, diverse, and/or unique selection of vehicles.
    • Slide 4 links to your blog page. Capture a photo where you appear busy, studying a vehicle, or sitting at your desk.
    • Slide 5 links to your referrals page. Capture a photo holding whatever type of reward you give to paid referrals.
  4. Profile Information
    In addition to photos, your profile also requires your email address, job title, cell phone number, and other basic contact information. Make sure to have this at-hand in Stage 4.
  5. A Google Account
    You’ll need a Google account for uploading videos to YouTube. You can also use a Google account for express one-click login to your mobile toolkit. If you do not yet have a GMail or Google account, please visit now to create one.
  6. A Facebook Account
    A Facebook account is needed for sharing things in social media to create a following and top of mind awareness. A Facebook account can also be used for express one-click login to your mobile toolkit. If you do not yet have a Facebook account, please visit now to create one.
  7. Personal Bio
    Creating a simple bio is easy. Your bio should be brief, and help people get to know you. Simply start with a greeting, make a note of which city & state you’re from, if you moved to where you live now, explain why, list your favorite hobbies and interests, and finish it off with sentence regarding why you chose to sell vehicles, and perhaps why customers enjoy working with you.

    • Here’s an example: Welcome! I grew up in Santa Rosa, California. I moved to San Diego in 2012 to be closer to my extended family. My favorite things to do include water-sports, spending time with my family, reading a good book, riding my motorcycle, and volunteering at the local mission. I sell vehicles because I like to help people find the perfect car, truck or SUV to meet their needs, while delivering excellent service. I look forward to meeting you in-person very soon.
  8. Video Greeting
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. Greeting your website visitors with video is something they won’t see often, making you stand out from the crowd. Consider a 30-second greeting, perhaps even reciting your bio while facing the camera. Your goal is to be kind and personable, making potential customers feel at home with you.

    • Here’s an example of a video greeting: Hi! My name is George. I’m a sales consultant at ABC Motors in Denver, Colorado. I look forward to serving you and your family by always helping you find the perfect vehicle at a great price. I’ll my extensive vehicle knowledge and experience to make buying a car the most pleasant experience possible. When you leave in your new vehicle, you’ll know you have a friend in the car business! Call me today at 913-555-1212, and be sure to ask for George!

After recording your video greeting, click the share icon on your mobile device to upload it to YouTube. Preview your video on YouTube. Click the Share icon. Choose Email on the far right. Email the link to yourself, so you’ll have it available in Stage 4.

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