Photo & Video Customer Reviews – Overview

Photo & Video Customer Reviews are necessary assets for creating a powerful online presence. Each photo review generates an indexable page inside your SalesRater website that can easily be found by search engines when people in or near your location search for vehicle reviews, dealership reviews, and much more.

Imagine: Someone nearby who’s shopping for a Ford Mustang GT searches Google for “Ford Mustang GT Reviews” and one of your photo customer reviews pops-up! What better selling tool than to see you with a customer taking delivery of a Ford Mustang GT. And, your Ford Mustang inventory is just a click away! Photo customer reviews also connect you to your customer’s family, friends and coworkers, since they can be shared by your customer in their social media pages, effectively introducing you to their possibly hundreds of social connections who will eventually be in the market for a vehicle!

Photo reviews combine one or more photos of your customer, the vehicle they purchased, their name, a 1 to 5 star rating, a recommendation about you, and your customer’s city and state. All of this information and media is neatly melded into a professional, cohesive page inside your SalesRater website that helps build trust, adds depth to your website, and makes you easier to find online.

Creating Photo Customer Reviews

  • Click the New Review button
  • Select “Full Review”
  • Select either “new” or “used”
  • Select a year, make & model of vehicle (click Next)
  • Select the salutation (Mr, Mrs/Ms, Couple)
  • Enter the customer’s first and last name, along with their mobile phone number
  • “This is a mobile phone number” is checked by default. Uncheck this if entering a home or work phone.
  • The customer’s email address is optional
  • Enter their zip/postal code (click Next)

Choose a Device
SalesRater gives you the option of allowing your customer to complete the review survey (comments, star rating, etc) on your device, or on your customer’s device. There are benefits to both:

  • Use this device – The customer completes the survey on your device before they leave the store. Some customer’s may be more apt to give a better recommendation & higher star rating using your device. And, they cant leave until they complete the survey.
  • Customer’s Device – The customer can complete the survey in private. They could do it at home, or even on a later date. Some people may write a better recommendation working at their own pace vs. being forced to complete it now. We recommend asking your customer to complete the survey now, so you can publish the photo review before they leave the dealership. This option is great for previous customers, since they can complete the survey at any time.

What Your Customer Sees
The next few screens are filled-in by your customer.

  • Referral Program – Educates your customer on your referral program. Asks them to provide you with a referral, and offers a cash reward if their referral buys a vehicle from you. Your customer may choose to skip this screen. (Not available in all areas)
  • Rate Experience – Asks your customer to rate their experience using a 1 to 5 star rating system.
  • Working With You – Asks your customer what they liked most about working with you.
  • The Vehicle – Asks your customer what they like best about the vehicle they purchased.
  • The Dealership – Asks your customer what they liked most about buying a vehicle from your dealership.
  • Thank You! – Your customer is notified that they have just received a text message with a link for sharing their review comments at a third-party review site (Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc) and is thanked for completing the survey.

If the Customer Completed the Survey on Your Device
Your customer is asked to the hand the device back to you.

If the Customer Completed the Survey on Their Device
Your customer is asked to close the screen. You’ll receive a text letting you know they’ve completed the survey.

Capture Photos or Video
It’s time to capture photos or video of your customer and their new vehicle. Using multiple photos will automatically create an image slideshow when people view the full review in your website. Videos have a play button making them easy to identify.

Review & Publish
Review your review. Click the Publish button when finished.

Share Review
The most important part of creating photo and video customer reviews is sharing them in social media.

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