Recommend a Friend Referrals Program

The optional Recommend a Friend referrals program allows you to generate referrals automatically in three different ways:

  • Customers completing a photo or video review are asked to give you referrals.
  • Your website has an entire page dedicated to helping you generate referrals, including a form that allows website visitors the ability to send you friends, family and coworkers in exchange for a reward.
  • You can print Recommend a Friend flyers to take with you, allowing people to write their name on the flyer, hand to a friend, and receive credit if their friend buys a vehicle from you. The link to print flyers is located directly below the “Print Invitation” button on your website’s Referrals page.

Anytime some is referred to you electronically (customer review / website) you’ll instantly receive both an email and SMS notification, allowing you to take quick action.

All referrals, along with the people who refer them, are automatically added to your contacts list inside your mobile toolkit. You can display your list of referrals by selecting “Referrals” as the contact type when viewing your contacts list.

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