Managing Contacts – Overview

Contacts, are the heart of your SalesRater system. As well as being able to add them manually, contacts can be added automatically when sending a Digital Business Card, Vehicle Brochure or Video Message, as well as when you generate a Photo, Video, or Simple Customer Review.

When beginning any of the functions above, you’ll be presented with a list of your most recent contacts, as well as being able to  search, select, and add a new contact quickly.

Labels, such as Lot, Phone, Website, Referral, etc, make filtering and locating contacts fast and easy. You can also assign a status (i.e. Hot, Bad, Sold), as well as associate multiple vehicles with each contact.

Each contact has an Activity Timeline making it easy to see everything that has occurred in chronological order. You can even add notes with each call, text, and email.

Use “Show All Fields” to store greater detail to each contact. Things like street addresses, birthday’s, and other extended contact information.

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